David Jackson, The Helper

The first case of the Helper involves a young girl, brutally butchered in a New York bookstore. The murderer has left a message on the victim’s body; it seems to be directed to Detective Callum Doyle, who is leading the investigations. The killer’s intention to be the Helper in solving the murders is confirmed when Detective Doyle starts to receive anonymous phone calls from a sinister voice that gives him clues to future homicides on the condition that he keeps the information to himself. As new murders occur, all identifiable with the hints from the caller, the anxiety of Detective Doyle increases. He has to fasten the pace to interpret the clues or more bodies will follow. Should he keep the Helper’s calls a secret and continue to conceal knowledge of the killings or could he somehow stop the manipulative “butcher” if he were to reveal what he knows? The calls become the Detective’s nightmare, intensified by the actual slaughtering of innocent people. What would you do in Detective Doyle’s situation?

The Helper is a page-turner. A cleverly created thriller that leaves you staggered.

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2 Responses to David Jackson, The Helper

  1. Marcello says:

    how many books are you planning to read in the next few months? you are doing a terrific job! congratulations!!!

  2. I love to read, all kinds of books. Can’t wait to start a new one – and have a whole weekend ahead of me.

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