The divine voice of Enrico Caruso (1873-1921) in the heavenly setting of the Villa Bellosguardo in Tuscany

The Enrico Caruso museum that has recently been opened, only a few months ago, is hosted in Caruso’s magnificent Tuscan villa in the suburbs of Florence. The famous tenor chose the Villa Bellosguardo in Lastra a Signa together with his adored partner, Ada Giachetti. The soprano, however, left the tenor abruptly, running away with their driver! Caruso, instead, lived in the villa the last years of his life, from 1906 to 1921.

The villa is surrounded by an enormous park and a lush garden where scented flowers bloom amongst lemon trees and olive orchards. Antique statues decorate the wide paths that lead to the villa, making it an ideal setting for artistic life.

The rooms of the Villa Bellosguardo offer a glimpse into the life of the remarkable tenor. Film clippings, recordings of the most famous arias, photographs, costumes, and personal items are displayed in the private quarters of the singer. An overview of Caruso’s life is exemplified in the various rooms: the Music Room, Figurative Art Room, Memorabilia Room, Record Room, and the International Theatres Room that exhibits the highlights of Caruso’s international career – his performances in Paris, Hamburg, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, and Havana, at the Metropolitan in New York and at various theaters in the United States. Since Caruso was an enthusiastic and keen follower of the technological innovations of his time, closely studying the early recordings of his own voice, the museum also exhibits various models of gramophones from the early 1900s.

(Image: Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-61522). After visiting the museum, which is about a twenty-minute drive from Florence, you are inspired to re-listen to the recordings of the unique, insuperable tenor.

Let yourself be carried away into the world of magic by the divine voice of Enrico Caruso.

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  1. Marcello Picollo says:

    impressive experience!

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