Ken Follett: Winter of the World

The second volume of Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy, Winter of the World, picks the story up where Fall of the Giants ended. The main characters are the same with the addition of a new generation of protagonists. The dark years leading to and covering the Second World War form the time period of what can accurately be defined the “winter of the world”. Unimaginable cruelty and complex political maneuvers are woven together with human tragedy as the events leading to the Cold War years are played on international stage.

The dark shadow of the future is cast immediately on the first pages of the novel set in 1933 Berlin where Carla von Ulrich, age eleven, struggles to comprehend the tensions building up between her English mother, Lady Maud Fitzherbert, her German father, Walter von Ulrich, and brother Eric, age thirteen, who is the only member of the family supporting Hitler and accepting his destructive ideas. The events that shook the entire world – from the brutality of Nazism to the unforeseen attack on Pearl Harbor to the devastating destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – change the course of several lives, steering them into unexpected directions.

A fascinating way to follow history on a more humane level that involves personal passions and tragedies as they unfold in the Winter of the World. Another outstanding epic of human struggle in the midst of one of history’s most brutal global conflicts, from the pen of Ken Follett.

Publication date: 18 September 2012

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  1. Marcello Picollo says:

    looking forward to reading the book!!!!

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