The Beaches of Bora Bora

 Last year we visited the French Polynesia to celebrate my birthday. We flew from Europe to Los Angeles, where we stopped for three-four days both on our way to Tahiti and back. That was a very wise move, we later found out. We met some Europeans who had only changed planes in LA, and after several days they were still totally out of it. The flights are so long (12 hours, followed by 8 hours) and time difference hard to deal with. Once we landed in Papetee (Tahiti) we continued on to Bora Bora.We stayed in a modest bungalow, paying about 75 euros per night, sharing the same beach with those next to us who had chosen luxury living and could afford 400 euros a night. We rented bicycles to tour the island. From Bora Bora we flew to Moorea and then to Tahiti. Gorgeous beaches, a great vacation. The photos say it better than any words.For accommodation options in Bora Bora and other islands, click here

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2 Responses to The Beaches of Bora Bora

  1. Photography by Gisele Morgan says:

    what a beautiful place!

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