Ice skating in Austria

The weather has been sunny and spring-like, which reminded me of last year when we took a long weekend to go ice skating in Austria. It was warm, it was sunny, it was perfect. Weissensee, which is located close to the Italian border, near Villach and Hermagor, is one of the largest European lakes that gets completely frozen in the winter. One can skate around the lake, which makes it approximately 50 kilometers on skates.

On a gorgeous sunny day like the ones we were so fortunate to enjoy last February, it is a very pleasant way to spend your day on the ice.

Since we are not such professional level skaters, we were happy to flex our muscles for about an hour or two.  After that we took a walk to the center of the village to have some lunch outdoors where we could enjoy the warmth of the sun while eating our Austrian stakes.

A nice nap afterwards, some reading, another walk, sauna in the evening, early to bed – a great vacation.

We had found a comfortable hotel conveniently located on the other side of the street from the lake. It must be a nice place to visit also in the summer when you can spend your days swimming and rowing a boat on the lake.

 The following day up early, abundant breakfast, ice skates on and off we were, to a great start for another restful, relaxing day. 

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