The fourth Coroner Jenny Cooper novel: The Flight by M.R. Hall

The Flight is Mr. M. R. Hall’s fourth novel in the series starring Coroner Jenny Cooper. This time the curious, relentless, stubborn, rebellious, utterly unbribable, honest-to-the-core Mrs. Cooper is after justice, at any cost. The story starts when soon after its take-off Flight 189 plunges into the Severn Estuary. The body of a ten-year-old girl, Amy Patterson, is found floating next to the body of a sailor, whose identity remains a mystery. Amy, who had been one of the passengers on-board 189, turns out to have been the only one wearing a life vest. The question is why? The tension builds up when the sailor’s life vest is found and some residue of explosives can be detected on his body. More questions follow: What exactly happened? The Airbus A380 was the world’s largest commercial airliner with a highly sophisticated computerized control system. How could this accident happen? Why did the plane plunge down killing all of its nearly 600 passengers? Was it a human error or something wrong with the computerized navigating system? Jenny Cooper is determined to find out the truth. With her relentless demand for justice she won’t stop at anything.

Hall plays on contemporary fears about high-tech planes, their (un)reliability, the looming ever-present potential of terrorist attacks, and government and business cover-ups. Can anybody be trusted or is nearly everyone corrupt to the point of being ready to bury up evidence in exchange of financial gain? The protagonist, Coroner Cooper, is the character who reassures us about a better, and more righteous, future.

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