Lucretia Grindle’s new novel set in Italy: The Lost Daughter

Another Lucretia Grindle novel set in Italy, this time mainly in Ferrara. From the sudden disappearance of an American student in present day Florence the story jumps back a few decades to the time the Red Brigades disseminated terror throughout Italy – the 1970s. The senior police officer and protagonist of the thriller, Alessandro Pallioti, starts digging into the past of the missing girl’s step-mother when she, too, vanishes. Pallioti refuses to stop his investigations even when facing some threatening ghosts from the past. Grindle has created a fictitious love story around the devastating historical events that shook all of Europe and are impossible to forget – the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro. Moro’s disappearance and death that are intertwined with the dark memories of the omnipresent fear of the Red Brigades’ attacks in the minds of many Italians can be seen as a historical wound of a nation. It may be somewhat insensitive and questionable to use a public tragedy as a backdrop for a fictitious love story. In the novel, which is not quite as enjoyable as Villa Triste, Grindle weaves together fact with fiction, reality with imagination, love with terrorism, and life with death.

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