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and the winter goes on, and on, and on

The paths and roads in the forests that are now used for skiing and walking, with or without snow shoes, will soon (everything is relative, obviously) transform into lush and green paths for hiking.  At the moment, the snow-covered wooden … Continue reading

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Waltzing away in Finland

This week I had an opportunity to attend some cultural events in Joensuu. On Thursday I went to see the “world premiere” of a Finnish opera, “Rautatie” (“The Railway”), which was a modern composition based on a book written by … Continue reading

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Hiking in Gubbio

About a month ago, I was in Gubbio, which is located in Umbria (Italy), not too far from Perugia and Assisi. I went there to visit some dear friends and welcome the New Year in their excellent company.  The weather … Continue reading

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Surviving in the Truman Snow

 The temperature this week has vacillated between -19 and -30. The extreme cold is no different to extreme heat, like the + 40 Celsius that hits you in the summer in Italy; it is quite unbearable. You hardly spend any … Continue reading

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The fourth Coroner Jenny Cooper novel: The Flight by M.R. Hall

The Flight is Mr. M. R. Hall’s fourth novel in the series starring Coroner Jenny Cooper. This time the curious, relentless, stubborn, rebellious, utterly unbribable, honest-to-the-core Mrs. Cooper is after justice, at any cost. The story starts when soon after its … Continue reading

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Lucretia Grindle’s new novel set in Italy: The Lost Daughter

Another Lucretia Grindle novel set in Italy, this time mainly in Ferrara. From the sudden disappearance of an American student in present day Florence the story jumps back a few decades to the time the Red Brigades disseminated terror throughout … Continue reading

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