Living the Truman Snow

The winter here in the land of the Truman Snow has changed its look. It is now much colder, during the day the temperature goes down but still stays above -20 Celsius, vacillating between -12 and -16, maybe, but at night, instead, it drops down to as low as around -22 or even -25. But the weather forecast predicts that just like nearly every year, the cold weather like this will not last more than a few days.



The trees are all frozen into silvery white beauties, the sun is now out during the day, the sky has turned from grayish-blue to brilliantly shining blue. The scenery looks absolutely spectacular.



And it is quite incredible that days already seem much longer. A change that has taken place in the past few weeks. It is almost like nature is starting to get ready for spring.

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2 Responses to Living the Truman Snow

  1. Marcello Picollo says:

    wonderful photos and must be enjoyable living in the truman snow!

  2. travelingmad says:

    These are truly beautiful photos! I don’t know how people can live in such cold though. It must be rough. I like to see scenery like this when I’m cozy inside a hotel room in the Poconos. Otherwise, it’s a bit too chilly, but still nice to look at.

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