Winter Wonderland

 What strikes me in Joensuu as very different from life in other cities I have visited or lived in is the energy these people here seem to have. I keep wondering what type of chili pepper they mix in their meals to make them so active. They are all out doing sports – skiing, ice skating, walking, bicycle riding, jogging, walking with their snowshoes on, or they are indoors working out at the gym or swimming in the pool.


I wonder if they have all that energy because they don’t have to deal with traffic, noise, chaos, crowds, smog. Here air is fresh and clean, everything is so functional, people seem happy as they exercise and keep themselves physically, and consequently, mentally fit. Even the snow stays white and pure. Obviously the problems that exist beneath the surface are not visible in this Utopian wonderland. Sometimes it feels like I am living The Truman Show

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One Response to Winter Wonderland

  1. Marcello Picollo says:

    did you mean “The Truman show” or “The Truman snow”?

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