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Prague, a city where details blend in with colors

Prague is maybe the most beautiful European city I have visited so far. It entices with its narrow medieval alleyways and winding streets that take you back to another century. The soft, smooth colors frame the abundant, attractive details that … Continue reading

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Prague, a city in mourning for Václav Havel

In December 2011 Prague expressed the admiration and love that so many there  felt for the leader of the Velvet Revolution, Václav Havel (1936-2011), who passed away on 18 December. The respiratory problems he suffered from had intensified in recent … Continue reading

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Christmas in an Italian family

Aunt Grazia summarized a typical Italian family Christmas in one word that would describe the general atmosphere: chaotic. The prevailing impression of chaos derives from the vivacity of Italians, their rapidly moving hands, the gestures that accompany the flow of … Continue reading

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Stockholm’s crime world exposed in Jens Lapidus’ Easy Money

The criminal underworld of the Swedish capital is exposed in a debut thriller, Easy Money, from the hands of a successful Swedish lawyer and author, Jens Lapidus. His work as criminal defense lawyer has enabled Lapidus to get a close … Continue reading

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Alan Hollinghurst’s saga about The Stranger’s Child

Reading The Stranger’s Child can be compared to interpreting poetry: a constant search for hidden meanings, interpreting the insinuations, gestures and hardly noticeable fleeting glances between the characters. The story revolves around the poet Cecil Valance. His lovers, parents, admirers, … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings

This is the “Blue Moment” that is so characteristic of the winters in Finland. Quite spectacular and magic!

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Palermo – A Cocktail of Culture and Cuisine

Culture and Cuisine in Palermo, Sicily Like a refined cocktail in which the ingredients leave a subtle, evasive trace, so also Palermo is a smooth tasting blend of historical and cultural elements. Testimonies of its early inhabitants – Phoenicians, Greeks, … Continue reading

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