Zigzagging in New York City: bagels and vindaloo

What would a visit to New York be without bagels? One of my favorite bagel places in the city is Tal Bagels. You can choose from onion, whole wheat, poppy seed, sunflower, raisin and numerous other bagels (the list is endless), have your cream cheese with or without scallion or can pick the Lax spread, add that delicious grav lax, maybe even some fresh onion and top it off with a slice of tomato.

Tal Bagels at 333 East 86th Street (near Second Avenue) OR 979 1st Avenue (between 53rd and 54th Streets)

During one of my afternoon walks around NoHo, SoHo, Bowery and East Village I only wanted to hang out on Second Avenue and eat my chicken vindaloo.

But instead, I went Card Crashing in Century 21.

After a gratifying day at the library, I decided to reward myself for the hard work and good luck by card crashing at Century 21, which is an inspiring department store for shopping luxury goods at bargain prices (located at 22 Cortland Street, between Church and Broadway). My credit card became burning hot, emitting smoke after constant swiping at the cash registers of the various departments. And my smile extended way past my ears as I collected my packages and headed home.


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