Zigzagging in New York City: art galleries

I hit Chelsea one more time, now to visit some of the over 300 art galleries in the area. There were some superb and some less remarkable shows to see. It was great fun to walk in and out of the show rooms to get an assortment of what’s hip and avant-garde in the big city, and to get an idea of what the new tendencies might be. Even the gallery spaces were exciting. Pace Prints on 521 West 26th Street had an exhibition of Keith Haring’s prints and small-scale multiples, which will run through November and on until 3 December. Haring had created the prints exposed at the gallery between 1983 and 1990.

I was so tempted to purchase a pair of high heels I saw in the artistic Pop Shop installation. They were simply astounding. The original Pop Shop that Haring founded in 1986 operated in downtown Manhattan for nearly two decades.


I also enjoyed Richard Serra’s Junction / Cycle at the Gagosian Gallery (555 West 24th Street). The gallery showcased two new sculptures that were created very recently. Junction is from 2011 and Cycle from 2010.


There were many other magnificent installations and exhibitions ranging from photography to paintings and sculptures to video.

Unfortunately many galleries were closed as they were preparing new shows that are about to open. That means another visit to Chelsea is on the horizon.


It was already dark as I walked towards midtown. The neon lights illuminated the night around Times Square that now can boast of a wide and long pedestrian walk. The streets were busy and swarming with people looking for entertainment.

The following day I stopped at Sutton Place Park on my way back home from the library. Should I ever get homesick at all, I can come here, sit down on a park bench and talk to the wild boar enjoying its dolce-far-niente in the midst of the vigorous children energetically playing in the park. It seems almost like being in the market square at the end of Por Santa Maria in Florence. Almost, but not quite. The background didn’t really match the one in Florence. But the wild boar looked just the same, although the New York one seemed more lonely without the tourists jamming around its neck.


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3 Responses to Zigzagging in New York City: art galleries

  1. Marcello says:

    great, congratulation.
    see you soon … and together we will go to see the SILLI exhibition/gallery!

  2. Veronica says:

    Complimenti per le foto sull’Haring, splendide angolazioni! E le scarpe? sono fantastiche (e sarebbero ancora più belle se non avessero il plateau!).
    E del cinghiale al Sutton Place Park ne vogliamo parlare?Hai provato a mettergli la monetina in bocca? 🙂
    Baci Veronica

  3. Grazie per il suggerimento. Passero’ nuovamente dal Sutton Place Park per mettere la monetina in bocca al cinghiale. E le scarpe (i tacchi e quelle basse nella prima foto), non sarebbero ideali come una divisa per un gruppo di ricercatori che lavorano sull’Haring?

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