Zigzagging in New York City: Chelsea

Another gorgeous day took me back to Chelsea to see in person that much talked-about High Line. It was a perfect day for a promenade along the elevated railroad track above, or more precisely close-by, the Chelsea Market. You have a nice view of the city from above the street level. The tracks lead you to the Meatpacking district, which runs from the Hudson River to Hudson Street, and around West 14th-16th Streets. It used to be the home for slaughterhouses and meatpacking industries and warehouses. The leisurely walk along the High Line was followed by a visit to Chelsea Market, a food court and shopping mall located between 9th and 11th Avenues at around 15th and 16th Streets.

Close by the High Line and Chelsea Market is the Joyce Theater, which stands at 175 Eight Avenue (corner of 19th Street). The Suzanne Farrell Dance Company was performing an all Balanchine program. The gracious Balanchine choreography made up this thoroughly enjoyable matinée show. The pieces included in the program were Haieff Divertimento, Diamonds pas de deux from Jewels, Meditation, and Agon.  My mistake was eating a gigantic burrito right before the performance. Since all the performances were sold out, there were only standing room tickets available. Indigestion hit me during the performance and I almost dropped off my feet. Otherwise a wonderful experience, and the dancers had no part in my slight lack of enjoyment.

Walking back towards Midtown, I passed by Eataly on Fifth Avenue. Chaos reigned in this busy center dedicated to food and eating. Right next to it is Marimekko store. In this way representatives of Italy and Finland were side by side on  this fashionable avenue.

Both stores are two steps away from the fascinating Flatiron, which is one my favorite buildings in New York. Another brilliant day spent on charging my batteries, absorbing culture, energy, allure and attraction that New York never ceases to offer.

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