Zigzagging in New York City: Chelsea, Union Square, uptown 92nd


Chelsea is an area of the city enclosed within roughly the 14th or 15th streets that form its Southern limits and 30th-35th streets limit it in the North, whereas the East-West borders run between Hudson river and Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue). This area of New York has much to offer from vintage clothes to fabulous restaurants and historical sites. Take, for example, the Chelsea hotel.

The Chelsea Hotel now is a New York City Landmark. It was opened in 1884 as one of the city’s first cooperative apartment complexes, which was transformed into a hotel in 1905. Dylan Thomas and Thomas Wolfe are among the many artists and writers who have lived in the building as well as Sid Vicious according to some sources (accused of slaying Nancy Spungen there), Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix who all stayed there at various times. Very recently Kate Winslet used the hotel as the background for a portrait photo of her. Hotel Chelsea, which is temporarily closed, is located on 222 West 23rd Street (212-243-3700). 

Union Square

This is a perfect time of the year to head to New York’s Union Square for buying those sweet, crispy, crunchy apples that taste like autumn. The Farmers Market is also a great place for purchasing the delicious, juicy New York apple cider that tastes like real apples.

Around the corner are some great book stores like a huge Barnes and Nobles and the bookworm’s paradise, Strand Bookstore, located on 828 Broadway (between 12th and 13th Streets). Their enormous selection covers all fields imaginable, new, used, rare, first-edition, out-of-print books.

I spent the rest of the late afternoon browsing through their shelves. It was hard to put the brakes on and control the urge and desire to pile up books at the cash register. I had to use the maximum force of my self-control and was able to limit my purchases to six books. Well done!

The second day in New York took me to uptown to the 92Y where they organize free dance performances Fridays at noon. It was hard to believe my luck – I would get to see the Cunningham Repertory Group perform Merce Cunningham’s choreographies. It was so thoroughly enjoyable. On my walk towards 92nd Street, I spotted some brightly colorful fun hats that seemed to belong to the New York city scene.

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