Benjamin Black: A Death in Summer

A new Quirke Dublin mystery set in evocative 1950s Dublin – Benjamin Black’s A Death in Summer

The suspense is built around the puzzling death of newspaper magnate Richard Jewell, known as Diamond Dick. He was found in his office above the stables of his country estate with his head blown off. At first it seemed like he had shot himself until Detective Inspector Hackett showed up on the murder scene with his new assistant, Detective Sergeant Jenkins. The police officers immediately suspected some foul play when they saw the corpse holding the shotgun Diamond Dick supposedly had used to blow off his face. There was no suicide note anywhere. And nobody seemed to be sorry for the sudden loss of the powerful Jewell, the least of all his French wife, Françoise d’Aubigny.

The plot twists and turns around the leading figure, Doctor Quirke, who gets tangled in the case he is trying to solve. The attractive enigmatic French wife, Jewell’s mentally frail sister Dannie, the servants and sergeants walk in and out of the story that ends in a discovery of continued abuse in St Christopher’s orphanage. Disturbing memories resurface from Doctor Quirke’s own past.

Entertaining reading from Benjamin Black, which is the pen name of author John Banville, the winner of numerous awards, among them the Man Booker Prize in 2005.

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