Florence: Gelato

The first word I learned in Italian was ‘gelato’, which shows how important that smooth soft mouthwatering ice-cream is to a visitor in Italy. Florence has a great number of ‘gelaterie’ that are of excellent quality. Let’s start with the one I consider among the best: Vestri. Their chocolate with peperoncino flavor, with that bare hint of chili pepper, is one of the most delicious, divine, tastes on this planet. Vestri has a variety of chocolaty flavors such as chocolate with oranges, white chocolate, hazelnut… They also masterfully craft their own chocolate pralines and offer steaming hot chocolate drinks in the winter. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Vestri, Borgo degli Albizi, 11 (www.vestri.it)

Around the corner from Vestri is Vivoli (Via dell’Isola delle Stinche 7/r), which is probably the most famous Florentine ice cream parlor. Their variety of flavors introduces your taste buds to new experiences as you discover gelato tastes you didn’t know existed. Here you will find more than one flavor you can call your ‘favorite’. http://www.vivoli.it

Gelato prepared in the traditional way is served at Grom around the corner from the Duomo of Florence (corner of Via del Campanile and via delle Oche). Usually the lines are quite impressive. The gelato is excellent, not too sweet, so it is worth the wait.

The best pistacchio gelato, in my opinion, is served at Gelateria Caffè delle Carrozze, Piazza del Pesce 3 (by Ponte Vecchio, on the side of the Uffizi). As the song goes: “Heaven, I’m in heaven…”

And these are just a few of the numerous tastebud-teasing gelaterie in Florence. Aren’t we lucky!

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3 Responses to Florence: Gelato

  1. Diane Kunzelman says:

    Like your NYC walks and talks! If you ever get all the way up to the Cloisters and vicinity, check out Marble Hill, that’s where I was born! A hint for Florentine chocolate and gelato lovers put together: Vivoli’s really original Crema + melted bitter chocolate, as pure as you can get it with just a little milk added and then poured it hot over the icecream.
    Ciao Diane K.

  2. Giancarlo lanterna says:

    Non per prevaricare, ma prova il pistacchio di Carabé, minuscola gelateria in via Ricasoli, vicino alla piazzetta del Conservatorio: lui è siciliano, lo fa con i pistacchi di Bronte (CT) ed ha un colore diverso dal verde “da opinione pubblica”.
    Ciao Sirpa, ma i gelati ai licheni della Finlandia non me li hai mai descritti!

    • Grazie, andro’ in via Ricasoli per assaggiare il gelato di Carabe’. E perche’ non vieni in Finlandia (ci saro’ in primavera) dove puoi assaggiare i gelati di persona? Cosi la descrizione potresti darla tu…

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