Peter James: Dead Man’s Grip

If you like thrillers, Peter James’s latest Roy Grace novel, Dead Man’s Grip grips your attention as it reaches you from afterlife

A brilliant new Roy Grace novel, Dead Man’s Grip, from the Sunday Times double number one bestseller Peter James, who is not only an acclaimed author but also film producer and script writer. The Merchant of Venice is among the best known films he has produced with Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes in the leading roles. Peter James’s Roy Grace series is presently being adapted for TV, while the books have been translated into 33 languages and the detective novels have sold over one and a half million copies in the UK alone. The author has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Brighton, in 2009, for his services to literature and the community.

In this new thriller, the already familiar Detective Superintendent Roy Grace finds himself in the middle of a multiple murder case that got started from a dramatic traffic accident. It was nobody’s fault. An American student living in England was hit while riding his bicycle. His family, as it turns out, has lethal connections they don’t hesitate to use to get revenge for their son’s death. They ignore the fact that the accident was caused because of his mistake; he had been riding the bike on the wrong side of the street, pushing forward against the coming cars. The drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident are murdered, tortured… one by one. The last one left alive is the courageous lawyer, Carly Chase, who refuses to go into hiding. Will Detective Superintendant Roy Grace of Sussex Police be able to save her or will she be the next victim of the manhunt? Will she survive or be found dead, tortured like the others? Will Roy Grace be able to stop the nightmare? The killer is ready. To revenge. With no remorse.

Published in paperback in June 2011 by Macmillan

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