Florence, Stibbert Museum

If you have already followed the beaten track of mainstream tourism by visiting the most famous sites and talked-about museums of Florence, you might be ready to explore some of the numerous hidden treasures that the city has to offer to a curious visitor looking for fresh impressions. Some extraordinary collections can be found at Museo Stibbert (The Stibbert Museum). The place in itself is worth a visit: the collection is hosted in a refined villa surrounded by a charming garden. Inside the ten-room villa some rooms have walls that are covered with decorated leather! This special “wallpapering” that can be admired at Museo Stibbert is rare in all of Europe. The museum was  founded by Frederick Stibbert (1838-1906) (whose father was English and mother Italian). One of its highlights is the weaponry and armor collection. The pieces date from the 15th to the 17th centuries and originate from Europe, Persia, India and Japan. The collection also includes antique furniture and objects, paintings, costumes, antique cloths and embroidery.

Museo Stibbert, Via Stibbert Federico, 26

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